Yellow Spring Road in Japan Real or Fake : Complete Review

In today’s post, we are investigating a viral video that has been circulating widely. Recently, we received a WhatsApp message featuring a video that claims to show a place in Japan called ‘Yellow Spring Road’. Join us as we uncover the reality behind this intriguing video.

Reality of Yellow Spring Road:

The video in question depicts a stunning scene of a road lined with vividly yellow trees, prompting many viewers to question its authenticity. The video is a part of a series titled- Places On Earth That Don’t Feel Real. So to address above questions, we conducted thorough research into the video’s claims.

Yellow Spring Road Real or Fake:

After a detailed analysis, we can confirm that the Yellow Spring Road is indeed real. The vibrant yellow trees showcased in the video are Ginkgo trees, known for their distinctive fan-shaped leaves and remarkable resilience.

About Ginkgo Trees:

  • Ancient Heritage: Ginkgo trees are ancient, often referred to as living fossils, with a history dating back millions of years.
  • Unique Appearance: These trees are recognized for their unique fan-shaped leaves.
  • Autumn Transformation: In autumn, the leaves of Ginkgo trees turn a bright golden yellow, creating a breathtaking and picturesque scene.

Spectacle of Ginkgo Trees in Autumn:

The viral video captures this seasonal transformation, presenting a mesmerizing view of the Ginkgo trees in full autumnal glory. The striking yellow leaves lining the road create a visual spectacle that is both real and naturally occurring.


Based on our research, the viral video depicting the Yellow Spring Road in Japan is authentic. The stunning yellow trees are indeed Ginkgo trees, known for their autumnal display of bright golden leaves. This natural phenomenon creates a beautiful and enchanting landscape, as shown in the video.

We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. Have you visited the Yellow Spring Road or seen similar natural spectacles? Your insights and stories can help others appreciate the beauty and authenticity of such places.

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