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In the world of online scams, EarnByVideo.com Site claims to be a way for users to earn real money by watching Short videos and inviting others to join. However, our review reveals a different story, so know the dark truth of this platform.

What is EarnByVideo Site:

EarnByVideo Site whose URL is EarnByVideo.com attracts users with the promise of earning real cash by engaging in simple tasks of watching videos and inviting others to join the platform. The plan appears simple, offering a quick and easy way to make money online. So know the reality of EarnByVideo Site below.

EarnByVideo Site Review:

  • Website Name: EarnByVideo – Earn money at Home by watching Videos Ads
  • Website: EarnByVideo.com

EarnByVideo Real or Fake:

Our review strongly suggests that EarnByVideo is not a real platform for earning money. Users are misled into thinking they can make real cash easily, but when they reach minimum payment threshold the platform blocks them and the users get nothing. Below are some points which may help you to understand why EarnByVideo Site is fake.

Non-Payment Issues:

Various user experiences and reports highlight a common problem. EarnByVideo fails to fulfill its promise of paying users for their efforts. Users invest time watching videos and inviting others, only to discover that the platform does not deliver on its payment commitments.

Lack of Contact Information:

The absence of clear contact information or a support system on the website raises concerns about the legitimacy of EarnByVideo.Com. Legitimate platforms typically provide robust customer support.

Lucrative Offers:

The promise of earning money effortlessly by watching videos and referring friends falls into the classic “too good to be true” category, a red flag for potential scams.


Our review suggests that EarnByVideo is not a reliable platform for earning money. Users are misled into thinking they can make real cash, and finds nothing.

If you’ve encountered EarnByVideo or have additional insights, share your thoughts in the comments below.

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