Is your Mobile is being Tapped, find out in these ways

If you think that your mobile is being tapped, then this article will be useful for you. We are going to give you some tips here so that you will know that your phone is being tapped or not.

Mobile tapping
Mobile tapping

Today smartphone hacking, phone tapping cases are increasing very fast. Now hacker’s records private conversations of peoples and misuse them. In such a situation, it is important to know how to identify that the mobile is being tapped or not.

High data consumption:

If someone is tapping your phone then your data consumption will increase. Because malicious applications use the internet to upload your data to their servers. This increases the consumption of data in mobile. Follow these steps to check data usage of your phone:-

  • To check data usage, go to Settings
  • Click on network option, in settings
  • Now click on data usage option
  • Here you will get the data consumption information.

Battery Overheating:

The smartphone heats up quickly due to high-brightness, high-temperature, heavy work and using heavy apps and games. However, if the mobile is heating up even when not in use, then it means that your phone is being tapped.

Nowadays hackers install malicious application in the phone and tap the phone and get all the information.

Getting more ads on the device:

Your phone starts behaving abnormally like apps opening automatically, screen turning on, sudden hanging and phone rebooting or pop-up advertisements popping up in phone? If yes, then your phone might be infected with spyware.

When the phone is tapped, criminals record the conversation on the phone. Due to this sometimes the phone becomes very slow and start lagging.

Abnormal noise during calls:

If there’s an unusual sound or voices during a call, then it is possible that your device is being tapped. You are being spied on. It is not uncommon to hear noises due to connection issues, but if there is something that has started happening recently, it is a sign of phone tapping.

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