These features launched by Instagram, will change the way of creating reels

Recently, Instagram has added text to speech and voice effects feature to its platform. Text to speech feature allows Instagram users to use artificial voice instead of their voice in the video. Apart from this, users can add different voices in their videos through the voice effect feature.


Instagram has said that they know that sound is what makes reels fun. That’s why they have launched 2 audio tools for our users, namely Text to Speech and Voice Effects. Both these features have been rolled out for iOS and Android users.

This special feature is also in development:

Instagram is working on a new feature called Take a Break. With this feature users will get a reminder to take a break after the fixed time. This feature may be launched in December. This information has been shared by the company’s head Adam Mosseri.

Apart from this, work is also underway on the subscription feature, under which Indian users will have to pay a subscription charge of 89 Rupees per month to watch exclusive content.

Instagram Vanish Mode:

Instagram Vanish Mode was launched last year. The specialty of vanish mode feature is that the message sent by the users gets vanished or deleted automatically. Along with this, messages sent in Vanish mode cannot be replied by quoting it or forwarded. To use this feature, follow these steps:-

To use this feature,

  • Go to an Instagram chat and swipe up
  • After that Vanish Mode will be turned on
  • If you want to turn this feature off, swipe up again
  • Doing so will turn off Vanish Mode.

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