Google’s new rule is mandatory for all users, know all about the new rule

The top rated search engine platform Google has made 2-step verification mandatory for all its users. Google’s new 2 step verification criteria has been implemented for all users from November 10, 2021. This new rule is for all Google users. So here we will tell about Google’s new 2 step verification process.


Google users will get extra layer of security:

Google’s 2-step verification process will provide an additional security layer security to all google users. This will make your Google account more secure. About the mandatory implementation of 2-step verification was announced by Google in May this year. Which has been made mandatory by Google from November 10.

Will help in curbing the fraud:

As you better know, currently incidents of password theft have become quite common. To avoid this, a 2-step verification process is being implemented by the Google. So that users will be sent a OTP on SMS or e-mail after logging in to Google account after November 9, which will be able to use Google account only after entering.

The 2-step verification update for Google Accounts will be automatically activated from November 9. Meaning users will not have to do anything for this.

How To Turn On 2-Step Verification:

  • First of all open your Google Account.
  • After this select the Security option from the Navigation panel.
  • Below “Signing in to Google,” there will be an option to select 2-Step Verification.
  • After this, the on-screen steps have to be followed.

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