With Amazon Prime Video Users will be able to create and share 30 Second clips, Know how

Amazon is rolling out a new Prime Video feature that will allow its users to share video clips from movies and TV shows on the platform. The clip can be shared on social media or via messaging. Currently, this feature is only available on iOS platform and only rolled out to users in the US. Users can only share clips from a limited number of shows, including “The Wilds”, “The Boys”, “Invincible” and “Fairfax”. “includes.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

How to create and share a Clip in Amazon Prime Video:

While you’re watching shows, you can click the new “Share a clip” button to create a 30 second clip. Once you click the button, the streaming service will pause the show to open a screen where you can clip and edit the video.

Then the app will create a short clip of the clip you’ve watched. You’ll also be able to preview the clip before sharing it with others. When you’re clip is ready, you can select the “Share” icon and either upload it or share it via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, Messenger and WhatsApp.

Other OTT platforms will get competition:

Amazon says that they are planning to let Amazon Prime Video users share clips from their original movies and series in the coming times. The company has specially designed this feature because till now no other competitor platform of Amazon offers this type of service. Meanwhile Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu all block their users from capturing screenshots while streaming content on their platforms.

This latest feature of Amazon Prime video shows that the company wants to change the way it views and shares its content. It’s worth noting that Amazon can hope to attract more and more users to Prime Video by encouraging its users to share clips.

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