Start Jaggery Making Business, and earn thousands of Rupees

Jaggery Making Business – Along with sugar in India, people also need jaggery. It is used to make different types of sweets. Jaggery is produced through sugarcane juice. If you want to start unique business then you can start Jaggery making business.

Jaggery Making Business Idea
Jaggery Making Business Idea

Benefits of Jaggery and its Use:

Currently many people reduced the use of sugar and use jaggery more, if the production of jaggery is done properly then it protects people in cold and cold also. The taste of jaggery is completely different from the taste of sugar. However, jaggery is used to make different types of sweets.

Required material for making Jaggery:

You do not need anything special to make Jaggery. That is, you will need only sugarcane to make Jaggery.

Where to buy sugarcane?

Sugarcane is cultivated in many places in India, if you want to buy sugarcane then you can directly contact the farmer and buy.

How much will it cost to buy sugarcane?

How much it will cost you to buy sugarcane, it depends on your location, from where you are buying sugarcane. If it is estimated, then 2.50 rupees per kg of sugarcane is sold. But each region has different rates.

Jaggery Making Machine and its cost ?

To make Jaggery, you first need to extract juice from sugarcane. For this you need Sugarcane Crusher Machine. If we talk about the cost of this machine, then it starts from about 1 lakh rupees. You will get an automatic machine for such a price, although automatic machines also start at a cost of Rs 10000.

Method to make Jaggery:

  • First of all you will need sugarcane, but while buying sugarcane one thing must be kept in mind that the quality of sugarcane should be better. After this you have to extract sugarcane juice through crusher machine.
  • When you stock sugarcane juice, you need to cook the juice and you will need fire to cook the juice. For this, you will have to dig the ground and build the hearth, and then you will have to put a large shaped cauldron (kadhai), and then collect the juice in the same cauldron (kadhai).
  • After this let the juice cook for some time, when some time passes, the juice becomes thick.
  • After this you will get jaggery of good quality, by packing which you can sell in the market and earn a lot of profit.

Choosing the right place for business:

To do the work of making jaggery, you need a space of about 500 square meters, with this you have to do some necessary construction work, although when you do construction related work, you will incur a cost of about 3000 rupees.

How much will the jaggery business cost?

How much cost will be in this business, it depends on you what type of machine you are buying. In the beginning of business, you can set up your business by using hand machine. However, the cost of this machine is about 10000 thousand rupees, the machine running with the help of diesel costs 80,000 rupees.

Profit from Jaggery business:

Talking about the benefits of jaggery business, it depends on your ability to produce jaggery. If you make 40 kilograms of jaggery per day and sell it at the rate of around 40 rupees per kg, then you can earn 1600 rupees per day.

Loan for Business:

If you want to start jaggery business and you do not have enough finance, then you can start the business by taking a loan from the bank.

Required License for Jaggery Business:

If you want to start Jaggery making business on a large scale, then for this you need a license.

Since this business is related to food, then for this you have to get FSSAI License. After this you have to get a trade license and get the business registered under Udyog Aadhaar.

Jaggery packing process:

While packing, you have to take care of the number of jaggery, mostly 250 grams and 500 grams of jaggery packets are sold in the market.

That is, you can also sell the jaggery made by you by packing it in 250 grams or around 500 grams and can earn a lot of profit.

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